Sidlow Waste Solutions Services

Most construction sites and many businesses produce hazardous waste.

Under the Hazardous Waste Regulations first issued in 2005, it is illegal to mix certain wastes with general wastes.

Sidlow Waste Solutions specialise in providing UN-Approved containers so that you can segregate and store the following hazardous wastes:


Aerosols contain CFCs, HCFCs and HFCs. We offer 100% reuse of aerosols; the gases are removed, compressed and used for fuel whilst the metal is recycled.


Batteries are hazardous and cannot go through traditional recycling methods such as an automated general waste system.

Paints & Thinners

Tins, brushes, rollers, roller trays need to be kept separate from general waste. Even water-based paint is Hazardous when still wet.

Solvents And Resins

These wastes are flammable and therefore hazardous. 100% recovery is achieved by extracting the liquids for fuel use, the containers are recycled.

Flourescent Tubes

These are hazardous waste under WEEE Regulations. The tubes get crushed and all metal components removed for recycling.

Surface Cleaning Solutions

These hazardous products are recovered by removal of liquids present and recycling the containers

Absorbents, Oil Filters, Spill Kits, Contaminated Protective Clothing etc

All these items are contaminated and must be separated. The materials are sent to create energy from waste.

Contaminated Soils

Sidlow Waste Solutions can offer expert advice and guidance on assessing any contaminated land you may have. We can organise soil testing, soil analysis, transport and disposal of contaminated soils.


We can arrange for sealed containers to safely transport and dispose of all asbestos types.